Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let's Walk

Proverbs 13:20 "He who walks with the wise grows wise..."

Recently, my friend and I decided that as often as needed, we would remind each other that the most important things to get caught up in are those things that have an eternal value.  The words, "And remember, don't get caught up in that, it's not of eternal value" have become a normal part of our conversation...Why? Because almost daily, at least one of us needs a trusted verbal reminder that what we "feel" is not always the best way to determine what we set our passions to.

I have witnessed over the last couple of weeks, an intensity in situations around me.  Some of those situations are of eternal value and deserve the fight, but some are merely a ploy by the enemy to distract me from the things that are most important. Satan is sneaky and deceptive, but he is not smart; I do not do life alone, and if I am weak in my defenses on a given day, you can be sure my friends are on guard.  Sometimes, it might just be a single sentence from my mouth that hints to the battle I am having, and because I am walking with women who seek after God, He works in and through them to stand along side of me. Some days, it's a silent listening ear, and some days, it's a text in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, because quite frankly, I need someone I trust to raise their voice at me to get my mind back on the things of significance and not stupidity; and sometimes, I need someone to tell me to STAND and FIGHT for injustice and FLEX MY MUSCLES!!

I am reminded of the friendship of Jonathan and David.  Jonathan loved David so much, that when he saw the enemy ready to take David out, he protected him and told David of the plot his father had to kill him.  Isn't this the way we should be with our friends? So aware of what is going on in their lives, that we too recognize the enemy and quickly bring warning of an incoming attack?  And then I think of  Ruth and Naomi.  Ruth would not listen to the pleas of Naomi to leave her in her distress, instead, she committed to stand with her through the pain.  Isn't this the way we should be with our friends? Heart connected in such a way that we stand with them in their tough stuff, ready to be immovable when their world seems to be spinning?

Living life in community with like-minded, God seeking, Jesus passionate girlfriends is one of the greatest blessings God has given to me.  As a mentor and leader of women, it makes me smile when I see other ladies around me experiencing the same thing; true friendship.  God's design for women is to have relationship with one another in healthy ways, ways that glorify Him, and bring us closer to Him. I can not imagine my life without the ladies who walk on each side of me.  God's agenda far outweighs our own insecurities, and trusting that He has the best in mind for me gives me freedom, because I know it is He who has chosen for me, the "Best of the Best."

True Friendship~
It speaks Truth and Life~It Protects and Defends~It Sits and Listens~It Stands and Fights.


Steve Finnell said...

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Cheryl said...

Right on time! *tear Love ya!♥

moo said...

Very much right on time. I was just "getting" this last night... putting feet to it this morning... praying on my walk, and came home to this.
You rock!
Thanks for leading by example.