Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crazy Faith

Romans 4:20-21 "No distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised."

I am, by nature or nurture, a tad bit crazy; my personality and unique look at life has always held a certain element of exaggeration.  I will never forget a couple of years ago, a friend and I were on a trolley car in San Francisco; I can't remember at all what I had said to her, but she looked at me so matter-of-factly and said, "You're such an over exaggerator," and then totally cracked up at herself.  I did not laugh; in fact, I began that very day to investigate what that description meant, and how I had been labeled as such in her eyes. As I continued the journey to wholeness in Christ, I realized that those words, words she probably forgot in less than 5 seconds, were true words, but they were not necessarily negative words.  I am an exaggerator, and I am crazy, but throughout my entire life, I was not using those pieces of my personality for anything except drama, drama, and more drama.

When I talk about what God has done in my life, I sound a little crazy, and people think I might just be exaggerating, when in fact, it's all very true.  I am different than I once was; Where there use to be hostility, there is peace.  Where there use to be fear, there is confidence.  Where there use to be uncertainty, there is promise.  Where there use to be death, there is life. I do not forget the fragile woman I once was, because she is still a part of who I am. I look at her in the mirror everyday, and although I see her, the reflection is very different.  She is still crazy, but she is crazy about the things of God, not the nets cast by this world to entangle her and hold her back.

I cannot imagine living any other way than totally sold out for the things of the Kingdom.  To go backwards would never be ok, because God is calling me forward. Noah didn't decide to stop following God after God brought him and his family through the Great Flood.  Abraham didn't decide to stop following God after God spared his son from sacrifice. Joseph didn't decide to stop following God after he was rescued from the pit. Daniel didn't decide to stop following God after God saved him from the lions; and I will not stop following God after He has healed my body, healed my mind, healed my emotions, healed my heart, and healed my family.  

Call me crazy, but when you call me crazy, pay close attention to the things I am crazy about.  I have crazy faith and crazy anticipation of the promises of God.  I may not look at life the same way many people do, but I hope I challenge those around me to look past their current situation and see God in the middle of it.  I live my life big with an exaggerated personality, but when you see the actions I take that seem exaggerated to you, look closer at the reasons I do them; those reasons are found in the promises already fulfilled by Christ in my life. 

Crazy Faith.

Crazy Faith.
Crazy Faith.

The kind that does not make sense and makes people wonder, but when fulfilled, brings  multitudes into relationship with Jesus.