Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Children: Our Future

Why do we sit by as our generation denounces the name of Christ? Why do we sit idley by as those we love chose to conform to the world instead of being transformed by the renewing of Christ? It is complacency...a place of no confrontation...a place where it is easier to accept what Satan is doing, than stand up for what God wants. As christians, we have an obligation to the lost to STICK OUT from them, to STAND UP to wrong, and STAND UP for right.They are teaching our children in school that there are no absolutes. Let's start off by taking away the grading scale of A-F, this is, after all, an "absolute" definition of excellence, average, and failure. It is so slow and deceiving, that if we are not on our guard, it engulfs us as one of it's own. How then do we teach these dear children that there is "absolute" evil and "absolute" good?...If we allow the politics of today strip us of that right before we even realize it is happening? I have people in my life who do not believe in Christ. What saddens me most is that the ones who have known Christ and His examples of love and salvation are more bold in denouncing Him than those in my life who were never taught about Him. There is something wrong with this!...It is a very sly way for the devil to manipulate the minds of this generation. He is polluting their memory, because they have been taught GOD does exsist, to be BOLD in our faith, and everything about Him is good and pure...this is one place he attacks, a basis to argue that there is no such thing, and to stand up BOLD to denounce it. If you think one minute about what is said here, you will understand the terrible circumstance we are in. It is not something that happens over night. It happens so gradually that we do not see it coming. The devil is waiting to devour our children. If we do not stand up and protect them, the devil wins. I will NOT sit by and let my children be deceived by the devil and the evil of this world. This will not happen on my watch without a FIGHT. Living in the Hope of Jesus far out benefits the luxeries of this world, and I will be one parent who will teach my children the "WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE"...I will teach them that there IS SUCH THING AS ABSOLUTE RIGHT AND WRONG, and ABSOLUTE TRUTH!"Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22:6

I Will Be the One

Will I influence you for Jesus? Will my life be a testimony for you, one that speaks of His grace? Does the path I walk in front of you demonstrate the faith I have in His power to save me from this dying world? Will you choose Him because you experienced Him through me?

I watch as you search for love and acceptance in life. I see you, desperate and scared when faced with the uncertainty of your future. I hear you when you cry for help in situations you never imagined facing. I feel your heart when it breaks due to your lack of faith in Christ and the eternal life He would bring you.

I watch as HE works through people around you to show you His love and acceptance. I see you as HE rescues you from fright and dispare, extending to you HIS hope for your future. I hear HIM when you cry for help, HE is with you in those difficult places. I feel HIS heart break because HE has given you chance after chance to trust in HIS plan for your eternal life with Him, yet you chose to step away.

Can I be the one who influences you for JESUS? Can I be the one whose life is a testimony of HIS grace to you? May I walk with you on this path called life, and hold your hand as you reach out and take a leap of faith? Can I be the one who kneels with you as you seek HIS eternal life?

I will be the one.
I will be the one.