Monday, November 17, 2008

I Will Be the One

Will I influence you for Jesus? Will my life be a testimony for you, one that speaks of His grace? Does the path I walk in front of you demonstrate the faith I have in His power to save me from this dying world? Will you choose Him because you experienced Him through me?

I watch as you search for love and acceptance in life. I see you, desperate and scared when faced with the uncertainty of your future. I hear you when you cry for help in situations you never imagined facing. I feel your heart when it breaks due to your lack of faith in Christ and the eternal life He would bring you.

I watch as HE works through people around you to show you His love and acceptance. I see you as HE rescues you from fright and dispare, extending to you HIS hope for your future. I hear HIM when you cry for help, HE is with you in those difficult places. I feel HIS heart break because HE has given you chance after chance to trust in HIS plan for your eternal life with Him, yet you chose to step away.

Can I be the one who influences you for JESUS? Can I be the one whose life is a testimony of HIS grace to you? May I walk with you on this path called life, and hold your hand as you reach out and take a leap of faith? Can I be the one who kneels with you as you seek HIS eternal life?

I will be the one.
I will be the one.

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