Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” Mark 10:51

I wanted glasses from very early age. I remember looking at girls with fancy frames and envying the "cuteness" it brought to them. I wanted to "see" what it was like to "see" through those cool little glass lenses, and experience the altered "vision" they would give. In the fifth grade, I FINALLY was able to flunk the vision test and I not only got ONE pair of glasses but TWO!!! How terrific to be able to change my frames with my changing moods!!! I was SO excited!!! But gradually, over a period of time, my dependence on those glasses became more and more, and they went from being a new fashion statement to a necessity to walk the next step. My vision had become dependant upon the very act of putting those glasses on my face....not to ALTAR my vision, but for my vision to be clearer.

How many of us want to "see" the vision without first depending on God to show us what that vision truly is? In our selfish minds, we just want to GET TO THE GOOD stuff promised and forget the journey we must take to get there. We like to blame this on the fast paced, techno world we live in, that we desire instant gratification because we have been warped by the generation we were born into. I would suggest that we are really not too far removed from the first humans created who wanted to "see" the way God did, and caved to the temptation to get there "quicker" by listening to the lies of the enemy. God is calling us to step out of that trap and into a deeper, more fulfilling, God focused walk into the purpose He created us for. Not to ALTAR our vision, but to see HIS vision.

God is calling us back to FOCUS. It is time to forget about how "cute" we look in the latest frames of the world, and clear our vision by looking on Jesus. There will be days of which our eye sight seems blurry, this is just God reminding us to look through the lens of His glass, and "see" what He has for us in that very moment. On days when we cannot see past the chaos of the day, FOCUS. On days when we have deflected every arrow and are tired, FOCUS. On days when the old wound is opened, FOCUS. On days when we are attacked and are innocent, FOCUS. On days when we react instead of respond, FOCUS. On days when WE are the ones who inflict the hurt, FOCUS.

God is calling us back to focus on worship. God is calling us back to focus on glory to Him. God is calling us back to focus our relationship with Him. God is calling us back to FOCUS.

"Visual", in the way God spoke it to my heart, has everything to do with the future He has called us to. It is going to be OK, it is going to be GOOD, but only if we keep our "vision" set THROUGH Him.

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